ClearCanvas PACS Team Edition
Based on the widely used Community Edition ImageServer, ClearCanvas PACS, Team Edition is a robust, FDA cleared PACS designed with the small radiology clinic or practice in mind. Features in this edition include concurrent Team Edition Workstation license support, unlimited web-based image viewing, roaming user profiles, Hanging Protocols, JPEG2000 support, and centralized audit logs.

The easy-to-use and comprehensive PACS tool set includes study integrity tools, auto routing, support for multiple compression types, disk management, support for both WADO (Web-access for DICOM Objects) and on-demand image streaming for remote viewing, a status dashboard, and system alerts. Combined with an affordable price, the ClearCanvas PACS Team Edition makes an excellent choice for any imaging organization.

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Flat Panel DR Upgrades
Clear Canvas PACS Team Edition
FDA Cleared
Registered 510(k) Medical Device.
Referring Physicians
Enable referring physicians to have access to the studies
of referred patients through our customizable, web-based Referring Physician Portal.
Hanging Protocols
Quickly arrange images with Easel, our visual image selection tool, so studies appear exactly as the user wants, every time
Team Edition Workstation
Utilize all of the Workstation, Clinical Edition features plus Standardized Uptake Value, Digital Subtraction, Spine Labeling and DICOM Quick Print
PDF Document Import and Viewing
Select and attach scanned reports and other documents to studies for later viewing; available in both the desktop and web viewers
Share licenses with our concurrent licensing scheme
View images from anywere with our web-based image viewer, Webstati
Roaming User
Save time using preferences such as hanging protocols and toolbar customizations that follow the user anywhere based on user login.
Centralized Audit
Log audit trails on the central enterprise server and access them through the Workstation GUI

JPEG2000 Support
Save money, store more data and improve performance using JPEG2000 compression and decompression.
Web-based User Interface
Easily administer your PACS from any computer on the PACS network through the easy-to-use web interface.
ClearCanvas Workstation, Clinical Edition
Based on the widely used Community Edition, ClearCanvas Workstation, Clinical Edition is an FDA-cleared, easy-to-use, full-featured standalone PACS diagnostic viewer. This edition comes with additional features desired for the clinical environment while building on the popular open source edition used worldwide for more than 5 years.

An extensive array of tools - including Hanging Protocols (Coming Soon), Media Writing, DICOM Print, synchronized stacking, reference lines, spatial locator, MPR, cine, PET/CT Fusion, custom shutters, and Cobb Angle - all at an affordable price make ClearCanvas Workstation, Clinical Edition an excellent choice for any imaging organization

FDA Cleared
Registered 510(k) Medical Device.
1 Year Support and Upgrades
Receive free technical support and product upgrades for 1 year with each purchase. Continue receiving support and upgrades for 15% of the retail price
Hanging Protocols
Quickly arrange images with Easel, our visual image selection tool, so studies appear exactly as the user wants, every time
Media Writing
Burn images to CD/DVD/Blu-ray, along with our portable image viewer
Print images in true-size and color on DICOM conformant printers
Pet/CT Fusion
Automatically fuse PET and CT Images.
Cobb Angle
Automatically generate and display Cobb angle when measuring scoliosis curvature of the spine where line intersection of the angle appears off screen.
Generate a cross-sectional image in any plane from CT and MR data sets
HIPPA Compliance
Support multiple user logins and HIPAA compliant audit logs
32 bit /64 bit support
Works with x86 or x64 configurations on Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or later.
Use with any DICOM conformant PACS, including ClearCanvas ImageServer, Community Edition
Clear Canvas PACS
Clear Canvas Team Edition
Dicom Workstation
Digital X-ray
  • Support for concurrent Clinical Edition Workstation* licenses
  • Support for unlimited web-based imaging viewing (Webstation)
  • Roaming User profiles
  • Centralized audit logs
  • JPEG2000 compression
  • Web-based user interface for easy administration
  • Sophisticated rules engine for auto-routing of DICOM studies, image compression, and disk management